Kamakura’s Hasedera Temple 鎌倉 長谷寺

  There are lots of nice temples in the city, many of which were founded in the Kamakura period (12C-14C).  Hasedera Temple is one of the oldest temples, being opened in the 8th century.  I like Hasedera very much because it has a bright-feel in the seaside area.


  You will find a tunnel in their grounds where you could feel a explore-like atmosphere.  Many statues can be seen in there.  Watch your head not to strike it against the ceiling.


  Hasedera cafe in the garden offers soft drinks and some light dishes.  Temple's curry is a popular and recommendable menu.

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A quiet street

  A street in front of our cafe can be recommended for walking.  It runs in the one block inside of Daibutsu street.  We enjoy seeing flowers such as Hydrangea, lily and others in each season.  It would be a good choice to take this street if you don't like walking along the crowded street.


  Keep going along the street which we introduce above, you will find an entrance of the Hiking trail for the Genjiyama Park, while the other entrance at a side of the tunnel along the route 32 is well known.

(They will meet later.)

  Visit at Kuzuharaoka Jinja (葛原岡神社) in the park and one more walk through another hiking trail toward Jochi-ji in Kitakamakura are our recommendation.


  These hiking trails are relatively easy in the comparison with the other Kamakura Hiking Trails, but you had better wear tracking shoes or sneakers because they are the mountain paths.

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